Classic Jack

Think you know classic rock? You don't know Jack.

Classic Jack performs in lounges and resorts anywhere in the world, reinventing classic rock one song at a time. Every song is turned upside down, inside out, remade and refreshed. From Purple Haze to Purple Rain, from Love Me Tender to Sunshine Of Your Love, every old song is new again! You'll never know what to expect and you may not believe your ears. Over three sets of rock classics the whole family can enjoy.

Classic Jack has been performing, writing and arranging rock music for decades and has only recently begun to perform this extensive collection of revised rock classics. You will never hear your old favorites the same way again after an evening with Classic Jack -- you'll love them even more!

Classic Jack can do a night of upbeat covers for outdoor events or mellow readings for intimate settings. Classic Jack can deliver a powerful set of political rockers, an evening of Elvis Presley or a playful afternoon of children's classics, always reworked in the Classic Jack style.

Also popular for corporate events, amusement parks, weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs -- Classic Jack can MC your whole affair! Kids love Classic Jack's comedy magic tricks, balloon animals and face painting designs.

So book Classic Jack today and you Won't Be Fooled Again.

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